Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Thankfulness #2: Easter weekend

Jesus freely took on the curse of being hung on a tree, freely gave himself over to death (the just punishment for sinful living) even though he did not commit any sins ever, but was not conquered by death! He rose again...death was undone. What a miracle. What a delight! What a surprise! It's amazing every time I stop and think about it.

We don't celebrate Easter at my church with a big annual hoo-ha with Easter lilies and special music and altar calls and stuff. Because...you know what...every Sunday is special! We celebrate the resurrection every Sunday. (Did you know that's why Sunday is the day we 'do church' and not Saturdays?) Every Sunday we get to take time, set it aside, think about the reality of our situation*, and praise God for his death and resurrection!


*The reality of our situation: (1) we are sinners and justly deserve condemnation for our rebelliousness against God but (2) God is merciful and has redeemed us; Jesus gave himself for our sins on the cross as the perfect sacrifice.

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