Saturday, March 15, 2008

7 Random Things About Me

  1. I'm getting better at this housewife/homemaker thing. I'm getting more purposeful about chores and planning ahead and getting ready for busy times.
  2. My favorite seasons are spring and fall. Right now, it's spring.
  3. I like the occasional foggy day. Something about the trees being hidden and coming slowly into view as you walk up to them is bewitching. Also, sounds are muted which adds to the bewitching nature of a foggy day.
  4. With all the fuss about the Harry Potter books, I'm amazed that there isn't an actual real fuss about the His Dark Materials books. Talk about anti-religion, anti-Christianity, and anti-God! That's true heresy, there, people. Calm down about Harry and get going about something to really get upset about!
  5. I don't like listening to pop radio stations in the car anymore. For me, it's either news and NPR or Christian Lite (the stations that play praise music during drive time and sermons etc. during the day).
  6. I'm good at sewing, embroidery, and crocheting. And cooking. I got the gene from my grandmothers.
  7. Bad grammar really annoys me. Cognitively, I get that it's not personal, but the constant barrage of bad grammar, spelling, and punctuation reallllllllly ticks me off! I used to be known as the Grammar Queen in college, and I once had a blog called Grammar Police Officer.

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